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The NuSkin Opportunity: What You Need To Know
By []Michael R. Shaffer

If you're looking to learn more about the NuSkin opportunity, then you're in the right place. First I would like to clarify that I am not a distributor for NuSkin, nor associated with the company- so that you will understand that the following review is completely unbiased. At the conclusion I will detail how anyone can succeed with this opportunity by following a few simple steps.

The NuSkin Opportunity Nu-Skin is not a new company especially by mlm standards- they started in 1984- but the fact that they are still vibrant and making money today is a testimonial to the solidity of the company and the devotion to its products NuSkin's customers have.


Blake Roney and his sister Nedra Roney along with their friend Sandie Tillotson decided to start NuSkin in 1984 with the goal of making top notch personal care products. Twenty years latersales for the company surpassed $1 billion. Nu Skin attributed much of its success to its new product, the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner, just one of the new products Nuskin and it leaders are working hard to innovate, develop and market.


The primary products marketed by Nuskin and the NuSkin opportunity and its distributors are anti-aging products focusing on making one's appearance younger and more vibrant. And while NuSkin specializes in remedies that fight aging, specialize in oral care, general nutritional, sports nutritional, weight management, and botanical products. They also market products like acne creams and hair solutions as well. NuSkin 180 Cell Renewal Fluid is intended to revitalize the skin and lessen the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, with ingredients Gluconolactone Polyhydroxy Acid and Soy Isofavones, to kindle collagen production and diminish the signs of aging.

The NuSkin opportunity also has under its company umbrella several different divisions that focus on various aspects. Photomax is the company's digital imaging division and Pharmanex formulates natural dietary supplementations, whereas Big Planet manufactures new business services and tools to assist companies in direct marketing. Big Planet in turn consists of Maxvault, an online storage system, and Maxcast, an online video program.

The addition of additional arms of the Nuskin network show the company is still determined to push forward and gain greater market share outside of just the health and beauty category. The NuSkin Opportunity Comp Plan

There are currently two ways in which a distributor can earn money in NuSkin: through retail markups on sales of products bought at wholesale and through commissions or bonuses paid on one's product sales and the sales of other distributors in ones down line.

Although some people may see the NuSkin compensation plan as more old-school ( it is a stair step breakaway plan) than others, it is built around a solid group of products and a company that has built staying power in the marketplace.

Indeed, the NuSkin opportunity has created over 675 millionaires over the last twenty-five years so the plan is obviously working.

There is also the growing marketplace to consider for the types of product this company produces. Personal care and personal wellness products are flourishing now as more and more people around the globe are becoming aware of their health and physical appearance and taking strides to improve it.

The principal concern one would have for the Nu Skin opportunity is the shrinking market for their other products. Because of their age, some products are no longer competitive in the market and need to be upgraded or reinvented. But the company has certainly gone out of it's way the last few years to make strides toward newer innovations in their line and rejuvenate NuSkin.

Succeeding In The NuSkin Opportunity It's no secret anymore that companies cannot hide behind hype and promises. Succeeding in network marketing takes more than just a good product or lucrative comp plan- or even great leadership. It takes a solid business plan in place, marketing skills, execution, and perseverance. And most of all the knowledge that you will be the determining factor in your business's effectiveness, not which ever company you decide to partner with.

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Article Source: [] The NuSkin Opportunity: What You Need To Know

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