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All Viral Mailers Are Not The Same

Do You Use Viral Mailers? 

After several years being online, SMG Mailer is now in the ranks of trusted, experienced and well established mailers used for online marketing.

The Successful Marketing Generation (SMG), has broken down the walls of email marketing, and established SMG Mailer as the marketing powerhouse it deserves to be.

Do not be fooled, all mailers are not the same. At SMG Mailer we are proud to be different. However, SMG Mailer is packed full of all the features you expect to help make you part of the Successful Marketing Generation.

Free members mail 1000 members every 48 hours
Upgraded can mail upto 5000 members every 4 hours.
Track your results with Trackers & Rotator
Save upto 15 Mail Templates, View your results Schedule mails upto 28 days in advance
Everyone receives Free Monthly Advertising pack

However, SMG goes a few steps further
Allows you to Swap Credits for Upgrades
Allow you to use credits to purchase Solo Ads
Upgraded members get discounts on all purc…

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