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My Amazing Lyfe



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We offer 2 coupons for members. 1.Includes Activate, Radiation protection , and Hydration Drops
2.Includes a coupon valued at $149 the cost of the
Freedom Package. You can choose any products up to
the $149 at no cost. If you go over and add shipping
you can pay by credit card. Shipping is always paid
by the member who is purchasing. Great packages and

Alotta Pajs Boutique

Looking for recruits. Im with this amazing company. Its free to join. There are no hidden fees or quotas. You make a 20% commission and 5% on level 1 and 2% on level 2 downlines. You get paid weekly and we are worldwide.

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1. Post 3 women items in mom groups 2. Post 2 shoes on instagram 3. Post 4 diamond paintings on twitter 4. Post 5 men items in no rule groups 5. Post 3 purses in yard sale groups 6. Post 4 toys in no rule groups 7. Join 5 classified groups. 8. Join 4 makeup groups. 9. Join 6 no rule groups 10. Post 4 makeup items in makeup groups 11. Post 3 christian items in chtistian groups. 12. Post 5 jewelry items in jewelry groups. 13. Post 4 recruit post in classified groups. 14. Post 2 home decor items in no rule groups. 15. Post 3 kitchen items in yard sale groups…

Me Soxy

Launching soon let me know if you are interested and I can add you to the groups.
Sign up here
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Waves of Pearls


Having a Facebook page or group is important, it’s not just posting about products and getting team members it’s about building an audience. What type of things do you post about on your page? Here’s some ideas KILLER CONTENT IDEAS TO POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA
💎Share a Personal Story
💎Share a Joke (Graphics or Text)
💎Share a Quote (Graphics or Text
💎Post a How To or Tutorial
💎Ask a Question
💎Share Your Favorite Book
💎Ask for Recommendations (Book, TV, Apps, Music)
💎Host a Giveaway
💎Give away a coupon
💎Go LIVE (Live Videos Perform AMAZINGLY WELL)
💎Post a Testimonial From a Client
💎Answer FAQ’s
💎Share Some Personal Wins or Results
💎Post Something Seasonal or Highlight a Holiday
💎Thank Your Fans!
💎Post Motivational Monday
💎Post a Tuesday Tip
💎Post a Wednesday Wisdom


We Have Officially Launched💥💥
Come Check Us Out‼️ Brand New Company “Veribella”
U.S. to start then global.
Our Why ~ Join us in our mission to help you create FINANCIAL freedom and help save lives‼️
Simply share or enjoy our excellent products and together we will Rescue & Restore Lives‼️
If you would like to check out being a part of this NEW, UP and Coming Company that has a passion to help others, please comment INFO.
Veribella is live!! 👏🏻👏🏻💜💜
For those of you that don’t know, Veribella is a company that I’ve partnered with and we sell all natural beauty products and supplements. 100% of the net profits go to the rescue in the rehabilitation of trafficking victims. We believe in people over profit. We are changing the way America is doing business. 
Please reach out to me if you want to know more! Product samples are on the way. ☺️👏🏻. 
Check us out! 
Join free til May 31 2019
There are many companies that give to help many different causes and we are grateful for all of …

The Mom Project


Own That Gadget





ATTENTION: Until further notice we have a NEW Webinar schedule. Tuesday - 3pm ET USA = Genusity Training (Genusity Q&A with training)
Go Here ⇨ Tuesday - 9pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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Sedalia Designs

#sedaliadesigns #jewelry




Have you heard of Kidazzler? I just found it! You can make up to $4,800/month! Free to sign up. You add kid friendly businesses and you get $10/month for every business that decides to advertise with the directory of 'all things kids'. Nothing is guaranteed but its worth a shot and the pay is reoccurring each month. Check it out!! And if you sign up to give it a try, please use my referral code WYyecUDZ. Or just click on my link...


Free to join

Nail Wrap Club

This weekend's Daily Deal - 4/20 - 4/21. 25% off Business kits.
If you are already an Associate you only need to put the kit in cart for discount.
If you are signing a new Associate they will need to put the FREE Sign up item, and the kit of their choice in the cart.
Yes, They still can sign up for Free without a kit. Ends on 4/21/19 12:59pm PST #nailwrapclub


Country Naturals

Now available ~ CN Gourmet Coffee Sample packs. 
Available in 6-12-24 sample packs! 
You can choose your sample pack flavors


Instapage is serving over 1 million landing pages with an average conversion rate above 25% #DigitalMarketing

Social Pilot


So Many Hits

Right out of the gate the company boasts a sign-up rate of 83% for people viewing the presentation video to completion. While I can not attest to that it could be legit as the program is completely free to join.

So what is the catch?

While the program is free to join, they do have upgrade options. Before I get to the upgrade option I have to mention that the free account is more than generous. You also don't get hit with OTO's (one time offers) when signing in to your account.

Before getting into all the benefits you get as a free member, let's first delve into what SoManyHits is...

Like the sales video explains, is first and foremost a URL tracking and shortening service, meaning you can shorten all your affiliate links and track how many clicks they receive. Unlike mostly all other tracking services (even the paid ones), there is no limit on the amount of campaigns you can create or clicks you may receive during a given month before shelling out more money…

Metabolic Cooking


Tiffany's Treasures

I'm loving this awesome new bundle from @tiffanie's treasures!! Those nails are absolutely gorgeous I can't wait to get mine!! If you'd like one just comment below!

Hi (blank) , I'm (blank) from Tiffanie's Treasures! We're a very brand new business, I've basically taken my boutique and let others start selling with me. Feel free to browse my page, and I'll also include our compensation plan.  Tell them I sent you

Beautifully Intimate

Hey hun!! Sexy Diva Lingerie is a lingerie and adult toy company. We only allow Presenters 18 years or older in the US at this time. You can join free with no kit, or you may join and purchase a kit. There are multiple price options for kits and I can send you a list of what is included should you choose to purchase one. We currently do not have monthly website fees. Website Commissions are paid out every Friday via paypal for the sales for the previous week Mon-Sunday will get paid the next Friday. Starting commission is 35% and a 35% personal discount with the free join option. If you decide to join and do NOT purchase a kit, you will have a one-time 50% discount that can be used on your first order after signup (the discount does not affect starter kit price and the order must be $150 or more). We have a fully detailed commission plan you can view for further information. Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Crystal Bar Soap