Alotta Pajs Boutique

Looking for recruits. Im with this amazing company. Its free to join. There are no hidden fees or quotas. You make a 20% commission and 5% on level 1 and 2% on level 2 downlines. You get paid weekly and we are worldwide.

Free to join #alottapajsboutique #freetojoin


1. Post 3 women items in mom groups 2. Post 2 shoes on instagram 3. Post 4 diamond paintings on twitter 4. Post 5 men items in no rule groups 5. Post 3 purses in yard sale groups 6. Post 4 toys in no rule groups 7. Join 5 classified groups. 8. Join 4 makeup groups. 9. Join 6 no rule groups 10. Post 4 makeup items in makeup groups 11. Post 3 christian items in chtistian groups. 12. Post 5 jewelry items in jewelry groups. 13. Post 4 recruit post in classified groups. 14. Post 2 home decor items in no rule groups. 15. Post 3 kitchen items in yard sale groups.

Father's day is coming come check us out
#alottapajsboutique #fathersday


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