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Mint Rose Boutique


This SALE is so dope, it's SPOOKY
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Profile of a Future Digital Leader

The Boho Hippie


Seven Dollar Giveaway

Diabetic Kitchen

Ivory Ella{affiliate_id}O{offer_id}TID{transaction_id}%26sharedid%3D{affiliate_id}

Ivory Ella was founded on the principle of living a life devoted to saving animals, helping others, and doing everything you can to support your community. Make a difference this fall with their charity collection...

Roxy Grace and Company


Description Sea Salt Body Scrub Polish your skin to pure, silky smooth perfection with our all-natural Sea Salt Body Scrub. Made with a combination of Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt and infused with Roxy Grace’s blend of citrus essential oils, this scrub is the perfect complement to the Roxy Grace Cape Cod Collection.Gently massage into your skin to exfoliate away dead skin cells and hydrate your fresh new layer for an irresistibly touchable, velvety smooth finish every time. Pick from three carrier oils, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or almond oil, for a custom scrub, made with love, that is all yours.

My Legging Craze


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Apple PTC

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Horkey Handbook

Juniper Life


This is our most popular product set and is the most recommended.  The products have a unique synergy and were designed to be the most effective when combined together.  The Transformation Program can help improve stress, gut health, energy, clarity & focus, motivation, immune system, while decreasing cravings, body fat, toxins, and inflammation.* What the Transformation Program targets: Supports a healthy Immune System*Helps Decrease & Prevent Inflammation*Assist in Tissue & Joint Repair*Helps Support healthy Gut Function*Effective Appetite Suppression*Encourages Burning fat for fuel*Helps maintain healthy Cholesterol Levels*Boost Energy, Focus, and Motivation.*Helps to improve Metabolic Efficiency and Fat Burning*Works to help maintain healthy Blood Sugar*Supports healthy Thyroid Function*Works to help Improve Cardio & Gut Health*Assists in supporting a Healthy Gut Lin…

My List Build

Spark Naturals


f you want to build your income quickly, then there's no faster way to do so that by utilising a proven MLM program. This program is the No. 1 choice for smart network marketers online today: =>> Now, here are 10 good reasons why you should join: It's free to join.It helps you to build a downline in quality hand-picked programs.It's easy to promote.It tracks your signups in all the included programs.It makes building multiple streams of income super easy.It's built with longevity in mind, so it will outlast the others.You can email your downline to give them encouragement and promote your own business on a regular basis.It uses viral marketing principles to build your income exponentially.Free members can add 2 of their own programs, and Pro members can add 5 of their own programs into the downline builder. This is a powerful way to build your own programs.Free members can earn commiss…

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Simple Man Brand

In celebration of our turning one, you can join the Squad for FREE! Your first year will be WITHOUT the $34.95 fee and you can start earning an amazing income, play harder with amazing people and start earning your all inclusive trip to Mexico for two!
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Blushing Hydrangea Boutique


Cents of Style


We’re keeping the sweater weather streak going with an AMAZING deal on our Annabelle cardigan. This cardigan is a no-brainer when it comes to must-have fall clothing, and you helped us create it! We took our best-selling cardigan from last year, and with your feedback, made it even better! It’s lightweight, making it easy to layer, and it has an open front feature, which makes it one of the most versatile cardigans you can own. There’s plenty of colors to choose from with sizes that range from S to 3X, and with this price, you may want to pick up a second for your collection (or a third, or fourth…). Annabelle is sure to be the new favorite cardigan of the season, and your readers will want to get their hands on this updated cardi; make sure to post this one for them! 

Style Steals, 10/16
Annabelle Cardigan
The code is OCTOBERCARDIGAN annd it will make the price of each cardigan $17.95, with FREE SHIPPING. The cod…

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