My Patriot Supply

Ask any of our preparedness advisors and most of them will tell you they have or are working toward an entire year's worth of food storage. Even then, they continue to build.
We believe every American should strive for the same goal. Are you up for the challenge?
This week, we want committed folks like you to know that now is the time to get the best value if you want to get a year's worth of food in one simple step toward preparedness:
Special ends 1/8/18
December 2017
Lauren from WI
This was not my first purchase and it surely won't be my last. The products, customer service and belief system of this company are second to none.
1-Year Food Supply   
October 2017
Alan from ID 
I purchased a one year supply of the Patriot food supply, and I immediately felt a sense of peace and security when it arrived. I tried one of the main meals, and was impressed with the taste and consistency of the meal. I received the packages in a very well made container, which impressed me even more.  I would strongly recommend this product to everyone as a "must have. If you read this review, you will thank me for pushing the product when a Sun Flair, or other emergency occurs. There will be immediate starvation of the masses, but those with this product will be thanking God when the emergency arrives, and you have this product in your garage, or pantry.
My Patriot Supply, 414 Church Street, Suite 200, Sandpoint, ID 83864