Denyse Dar

"A copy of the universe is not what is required of art; one of the damned things is ample." Rebecca West
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We have a Winner!
We are running a June contest on Instagram for free d'artwear. Click here to enter!

I'm finishing out my clothing line designs before beginning to design the 2017 Holiday Gift line. Since my last newsletter, the menswear line has gone live! Yup, guys can now (and already ARE) wear d'artwear! The board shorts are live and the sweatshirts and tee's are due in July.  Click here to see the menswear.

SUPER PROUD of my active footwear! I'm working with a manufacturer who specializes in running shoes utilizing EVA soles and 3-D technology for the foot-bed to give a smooth, natural stride for even serious marathon runners. And I have a sassy line of casual street kickers and slip-on's for those of you who just want to be stylin'. Click here to see all my footwear!

In 2 short months, we have amassed 28 AmbassaDAR's - every day women building their own businesses as re-sellers of d'artwear. At the moment, we are only able to pay a straight 10% commission. But as we begin to meet wholesale quantities, prices per piece will reduce. As they do, commissions will increase to what we hope will be a whopping 50% and setting a precedent! AmbassaDAR's are able build whatever type of small business suits them. Some focus on wholesale to boutiques while others simply focus on their social networks to earn free products. We provide all the promotional materials, mentoring and collaboration needed to ensure success and several AmbassaDAR's are well on their way! It's all about building a collective company utilizing a profit share model. If you know someone you think would be interested or is working wiithin fashion, send them to our  website.
I get "friend mail" from around the world. I was recently contacted by a fan in France who wanted to know if I would allow my work to be used for digital puzzles. Of course I said, "YES!" - an artist's gift is intended to be enjoyed by all. So Mr. Daniel Hussan has begun archiving my work as puzzles! The beauty? It's free and you will NEVER be missing a piece lol! Many, many thanks to Daniel for loving my work and finding a new way to share it. Je taime! Click here to go play with the puzzles.

I have 2 new paintings, however due to contractual agreements, I am only able to publicize one. The Millerite's Dream is a painting which will be released in a book titled, "The Scenes and Seasons of a Small New England Town." The book is due for release in November at which the the painting will be released and go up for sale. The history of the house I painted is FASCINATING so stay tuned!

Recently, I finished a landmark painting. It was a return to my 16-year-old self and is titled, "Twilight Time." It was painted to the song, "Twilight Time"by the Platters. You can visit my facebook page for the whole backstory on the house which overlooks Wachusett Mountain here.

What's on deck? This little ditty that hearkens back to my days of living in the Netherlands (Holland.)

Have you ever dreamed of owning a "Dar" but haven't had the budget? Now you can! As I transition out of business ownership and head back to my roots as an engaged artist, I have created a Patreon page. The model is akin to eons ago when artist's had patrons. There are two levels of patronage there that enable fans to basically pay monthly toward an original commission (in addition to a BOATLOAD of free artwork & products) over a 12-month period. Opt in for a year for your painting or stay indefinitely and have a private commission annually. Please be advised that slots are limited. Feel free to check out the page and sign up as a patron for your dream painting!