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Have you ever taken a big breath, and not felt the calming rush of energy and blood flow that comes with increased oxygen? This is because stress, shallow breathing, polluted air, excess weight, lack of exercise or poor diet can leave all of us in a low oxygen/toxic state.

The nutrient given the highest priority by the body is oxygen–even more than food and water. Oxygen is essential to the life-sustaining process of full oxidation—the optimum burning of our fuel/food. 

Now there is a way to supplement your oxygen levels with a dietary supplement. It's called Activated Oxygen (O3).


Energizing Oxygen Boost is a specially formulated Magnesium Peroxide Compound with OxygenEnhancement designed to release oxygen to purify and energize all the cells in the body. It also releases ozone and peroxides to detoxify and break down wastes, pathogens and plaque in the gastrointestinal tract, colon, arteries and blood. Then the magnesium helps flush the bowels to prevent the reabsorption of released toxins.


Because of this innovative breakthrough in activated oxygen technology, you can now benefit from using a supplemental source of oxygen in addition to the air you breathe. pH Miracle’s Activated Oxygen™ helps break the low oxygen paradigm to energize the body, help it utilize foods more fully, and inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic conditions like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. which can create disease conditions.


This product "infuses" me with energy. My lungs seem to open to allow for deeper breathing. This is definitely something that is making a huge difference in my life.
I have practiced and taught breathing for 20 years now and this is by far the most synergistically profound thing I have taken in years.
-Loren K.

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