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Wahoo!!!! We're back #teamamanda 💪🏼❤
I'm super excited to announce my 2nd Program 'The Amanda Latona Resolution

I've teamed up again with Oxygen Magazine for a 60 day Training & Nutrition Programto get you started and on your way to making 2018 the best YOU, you can be.

I'm passionate about not comparing yourselves to others, but rather focusing on becoming our best selves. This program has not only 60 days of training, but Nutrition, Amazing recipes, healthy desserts, at home workouts and a bonus HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE! 🎄

That's right folks. First, I don't think anyone should START a diet during the holidays, because you know I preach balance, but I don't want you throwing caution to the wind and starting your New Years Resolution coming off a negative, thinking you shouldn't have ate this Christmas cookie or drank that eggnog etc.

That's why I wanted to do the Holiday Survival Guide PLUS a 60 Day Program.

I always get asked if I do coaching, and I save that coaching for programs like these. The platform is amazing, it's a daily video with step by step instructions and some humor, because, hey... it's me.

2 years ago I did my first Oxygen Challenge and a girl from my team, team Amanda won a cover of Oxygen. This one is a personal goal for YOU. We had a private Facebook group, which we are also doing here this time, and no joke it changed many women's lives, mine included.

Being able to share, motivate, encourage and support each other was absolutely awesome. We had over 3,500 women as a team doing it together. I can't wait to do it again.

I'm here to help... I'll be going Live in the Private group to answer any questions, add in extra workouts and provide some motivational speaking.... something I absolutely love. Let's do this together.

Click Here To Sign Up! Don't forget to use code ALATONA10 for $10 off.

I can't wait to be your coach and help build that booty.

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Hey Everyone! 

Well, the holidays are here. I hope you're enjoying some fun time, some down time, some family time and of course getting in some good fitness time! Whether you're a weightlifter, powerlifter, yogi, cross fitter, group fitness guru, etc. .... whatever you love, I encourage you to make time for your fitness because health and fitness is such a priority, especially during the rushed holidays times.

That being said, the New Year will be here before we know it, and with that comes the New Years Resolution. 

'The Amanda Latona Resolution Program' Highlights: 

• 60 days of training with how-to videos -The awesome part about this program is that every single day in the 60 days you are given a video with the workout for that day laid out for you. Even if it's a rest day or cardio only day, there's even a video for that day. Then, I go through each exercise in the workout and show you how to properly perform it along with my personal tips and tricks.

• Nutrition programs

• Lots of Healthy recipes that will keep you from feeling like eating healthy is boring or not tasty.

• Workouts that can be done at home or in the gym

• For all fitness levels

• Invite to a private Facebook group where we share, encourage, support and motivate each other. This is absolutely AMAZING and the last one we had changed many women's lives, mine included. I will also be adding some extra exercises, and throw in some surprises In the group to have some extra fun. Women only.

• Motivation, support, information, a little humor, and help from my 20 years experience with training and nutrition along with a passion for health, fitness and helping women love their bodies and make them strong and healthy.

Sign up today and receive your program RIGHT AWAY!
The plan is to start January 2nd, yes I gave you guys off January 1st, just in case the New Years Eve party lasted a little too long, lol.

I can't wait to be your coach and help build that booty.
Let's do this together!
Don't miss out or say next year!
The time is now.
It's not too late to start over, make a new start, set a new goal or try something new.
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