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Ends tonight 6/26/17

Wise Food Storage
Starter Packs Stocking Up Line Meats Fruits Vegetables Dairy & Eggs
Welcome to the Wise Company Family.

We believe in providing the highest quality items so that people are ready for whatever life brings. Our solutions are convenient to store and affordable, but never compromise on quality. Our preparedness items not only taste great, but are also very easy to prepare: just add water. It is The Wise Company family's pleasure to make sure your family is prepared and ready so that you have peace of mind.

To show our appreciation for your willingness to join our list when you entered the Ammunition Depot / Wise Company giveaway, and to help you get started prepping with something right away, please accept this offer on our popular 72 Hour Kit of Emergency Food.
72 Hour Kit at Half Off!
Starter Packs Stocking Up Line Meats Fruits Vegetables Dairy & Eggs
25% Off Everything!
If you've been on the fence or waiting for a deal on a portable fuelless generator, now is the time to act. We have never been able to drop the prices on these this low. We negotiated special pricing with our off-grid generator partners for this sale period. But once this sale is over, prices will go back up and we are not sure when we will be able to do this again.

This is a deal we at Wise are making sure all of our friends and family are aware of due to this unique opportunity. Please forward this to anyone you know of who may want to take advantage of this.

Pay with PayPal credit and pay $0 today with no interest as long as you pay off the balance within 6 months.
Humless Bundle
Enerplex Bundle
Humless GO Plus Bundle
1440 Serving Package
Humless 12
Shake Bucket
Organic Bucket
Breakfast Bucket
Emergency Food
Portable Power
Water Storage
Visit our website or call 888-349-9124 to Order

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12 Days of Prepping 2017
1440 Package
Humless Bundle
Essential Package
Twice as Much
WaterBrick Bundle
84 Serving Bucket
One Week Bucket
1 Month Box
52 Serving Bucket
72 Hr Box Bundle
First Aid Kit
Visit our website or call 888-349-9124 to Order
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