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We've hinted at major changes coming. Today we show you the truth. 
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At Stowaway we believe beauty is truth. So here’s a radical idea, what if we all just told the truthWe’ll go first.

Stowaway launched with one simple goal – to provide women with premium (safe!) makeup they can use, carry, and finish. Guilt-free and waste-free. Since our launch, we’ve talked to thousands of women and sold millions of products and have learned that women want right-sized makeup and the whole truth.

That’s why today Stowaway is revealing the true costs behind the cosmetic production process and how much of your money is actually wasted from product you can’t possibly finish before it expires. And these costs we are revealing are the real costs to produce cosmetics across the board for every premium makeup brand you know and love.

From raw ingredients, components and packaging to filling, assembly and shipping, Stowaway is revealing every single cost that goes into making a premium product. Because we want you to know exactly how much you’re paying for what you’re getting! Did you know a $35 luxury lipstick costs on average $2.50 to make? That’s a lot of markup. On average, luxury cosmetic brands markup product 10 to 11 times, Stowaway Cosmetics – 3 to 4 times. And the average waste cost for unfinished product – half to two-thirds of what you spent, with Stowaway – zero.

At Stowaway, we don’t want to waste your time or your money because you can do the math – that’s why starting today we’ve lowered the prices of each of our makeup essentials. We want every woman to have easy access to clean premium makeup. We are delivering world-class formulations & packaging that rival drugstore prices-without the waste. Our highly pigmented cult-favorite Creme Lipsticks and Color Enhancing Lip Balm have gone from $12 to $9. Our award winning creamy full-coverage concealer - $9 as wellOur beloved Translucent Powder is now $12. Our newest launch – the first of its kind eyeshadow and complexion Multi-Stick Trio is an outrageously affordable $22. On each product page we now show you our costs and the comparable products -including some which are identical and even made in the exact same labs and factories.

At the end of the day, Stowaway’s goal remains the same - it should be easy to buy, wear and carry top of the line makeup at honest prices without waste, worry or guilt. Isn’t the truth beautiful? Learn more about the true cost of beauty here.
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