Games promotion pages (set of 6)

Did you know that in the past 7 years online games have become very popular? 
The gaming companies has cashed in great amounts of money from in-game purchases. The reason for this is the addictive nature of the games. They provide entertainment , excitement and evoke competitive spirit in the players. Here on our website you have the unique opportunity to grab a piece of that cash simply by promoting our games on the Internet.

How to do that easy, simple and with just one link instead several links for each game separately? 
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You have choices in the menu if you want to promote only the first four released games ( T-Time, Pick the price, Time machine and Knockout Trivia) some of them or all of them including the latest card games.

PLUS you will get for free:
-Unique domain,
-Stylish landing page with short information about our website and the games enriched with effective pictures,
-"Contact me" page
*****If you order ALL of the game pages you will get one page for free and also you will get the latest game "Grandmaster Poker" page FOR FREE which makes total of 2 pages for free!

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