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5 easy inbound marketing techniques that work

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Let's talk about avocado oil! Avocado oil is one of the vital oils used in a number of our products; uplifting facial oil, sensitive 10yy kit, sensitive facial oil etc. How many of these avocado benefits did you know about?! 🥑 Avocado benefits 🥑 ➡️ Powerful antioxidant
➡️ High in vitamins
➡️ Anti-ageing properties
➡️ Hydrates skin
➡️ Doesn't clog pores
➡️ Stimulates collagen production
➡️ Improves elasticity
➡️ Helps fade scars
➡️ Reduces the appearance of age spots
➡️ High in fatty acids
➡️ Helps balance blood lipids
➡️ Helps balance hormones
➡️ Restores scalp health
➡️ Promotes cell growth
➡️ Strengths hair follicles
➡️ Natural UV protection
➡️ Relieves dry skin conditions; psoriasis/eczema

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Do you know someone who's pretty much always been the same?   They don't try new things.  They stay in the same old job, to the same old things, eat the same old foods... they're 'set in their ways' and 'like things the way they are'.   May as well tattoo 'Comfort Zone Lover' on their foreheads, right? That's never been me. I've always loved change.   As a teen, I loved to rearrange furniture just to experience my room in a new way.  I colored my hair, cut it, curled it - almost lost it at one point from changing it a bit too much ;) As an adult, I still love change, though the focus has shifted.   It's no longer about pursuing change for the sake of 'new', I'm creating more of what I want in my life and in the world around me. I Want To Have A Powerful Impact! Building and prospering with a business opens doors for people in a huge way.  It can change the lives of an entire family when one person finds out what they're amazing …

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Just added! Mickey Mouse! 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 month

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Nu Skin Napca Moisture Mist, 8.4 Fluid Ounce

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Squirrel Cheeks

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New $1.99 accessories were added to the site.

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2-piece boutique ruffle sets Only $9.95.

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Build Your Business Online While Your Upline Insists You Do Home Parties



Check out Sivana! They sell beautiful clothing and jewelry for the inspired yogi/yogini. If you order, I get 10% off the total purchase.

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Prices for new styles:
Smoke Cascade in Leather - $95
Cape and Tropez - $49.50 (Limited quantities)
New Star - $60
Sun Cascade - $69.50

A beginner's guide to using SEO for your business

A beginner's guide to using SEO for your business - Talented Ladies Club

Changes in SEO for 2017

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Natural Elements Skincare


It's the first day of SPRING but are you aware of the most common skin concerns this time of the year? Here's the top things people will be concerned about now we're in springtime..👇👇 📌 Your legs feel stubbly just hours after shaving
Solution; No.8 shave oil applied before shaving so your razor gets as close as possible and makes shaving super easy AND apply our body lotion to help slow down hair regrowth. 📌 Stubble on Tom Hardy? Sexy. On your underarms? Not sexy!
Solution; Applied shave oil and leave to soak into your armpits for at least 2-3 minutes before you start shaving to help your razor get as close as possible and always draw your razor against the direction of growth, follow up with our crystal deodorant for sweat free pits. 📌 Your bikini line is dotted with red bumps
Solution; Using our shave oil will help prevent lumps and bumps around your bikini line, it's 100% safe to use on your intimate areas and works wonders…