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If you watched 'food unwrapped' last night you may have seen the healing benefits of pineapple on burns, this is because of the enzyme in it called bromelain, but pineapple is not the only thing to contain this useful compound 'cellulose gel' which is used in our face wash, the intensive gel and the body inch kit all contain cellulose thus bromelain. This is why it's good to use on burns of all types and of course, it boosts fat cell metabolism ie it splits fat cells helping the body get rid of fat. According to Web MD bromelain has medical uses of reducing swelling and inflammation, relaxing muscles and even preventing cancer by interfering with the growth of tumour cells it also fights pain.

 The other big benefit to using our oils in the sun beside the protection to Uva ie the skin cancer /ageing aspect, this is the oil holds on to the photon in the skin and lets it be absorbed and turned into Vitamin D. What concerns me i…

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