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The New Year is here! It’s time. 2018. New. Year. Now.

For many people, that means goal and intention setting...that won’t fizzle out by February. We are committed to helping people get clear on what works for them and then commit to that vision.This is the perfect time to talk up the Desire Map products with your people. We’re talking goals with soul. For everyone.

The Desire Map Book: This is the tool for more holistic, heart-centered living. It has sold over 150,000 copies and has been translated into seven languages. Jobs, quit. Passions, chosen. Relationships transformed. Clarity, achieved!

The Desire Map Workbook - 3 pack: The workbook is the straight up Desire Map process. No philosophy, no extra Danielle-sermons on feelings and declarations — just DIY and only DIY. Why a 3-pack? Two for you, and perhaps 1 for a friend. Economical. Loving.

The Desire Map Facilitator Program: personal-development workshop, retreat and coaching curriculum for soulful teachers and leaders. Every program sold through your affiliate link will earn $100-$500 USD depending on your affiliate status.
And there’s more light where that came from! The Desire Map Soul Limber Yoga Class is a 60-minute video yoga practice that weaves the thoughtful inquiry of Desire Mapping with yin and yang yoga. Led by Yoga Teacher and Desire Map Facilitator Dani March, this is a feel-good-flow that will prepare people for the deep soul-work of The Desire Map. This yoga practice is a gentle inquiry into your body and heart. Suitable for students of all levels.
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Right now, all 2018 Desire Map Planners in the Danielle LaPorte shop are 50% off!  We are currently carrying the last batch Desire Map Planners (we are sold out of the hot pink weeklies!) These planners are HOT HOT HOT. And nearly gone.

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With Love,
Team D

We are so excited to announce a new meditation in the shop! I think this is the spiritual aspiration we should be going for: To be able to take care of ourselves in chaos. As it turns out, spiritual maturity is about parenting ourselves, with...profoundly gentle, unwavering attention.

I’d like you to meet The Love + Radiance MeditationThis is meditation meets visualization.There’s a magical throughline: you will bring your Inner Child into the sacred space. We’ve woven in an english mantra—a set of Words of Power and some imagery to bring you into healing realms. Think: a landscape of pale pink cherry blossoms that radiate with golden light. Mmmhmm.
There are TWO ways to work this LIGHT:

Register for the LIVE Class and The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit for $45.
– OR –
Get the kit for yourself + a friend and pay just $10 more.

You can find the affiliate links for this product in your Affiliate Portal. You can earn $5.00 - $10.50 for every kit purchased through your link. 
Here’s what they get when they purchase the Class + Kit:

  • A 3-day LIVE call-in class with Danielle — dial in from anywhere! (Feb 8, 10, and 11)
  • Recordings of all classes
  • One week of extra-personal email support
  • Introduction + Meditation Theory (and cheerleading) audio from Danielle
  • Lite (29 min) + Deep (36 min) audio versions of the Love + Radiance Meditation
  • Written formats + a meditation cue card (so you don’t need your digital device to refer to meditation how-to’s!)
  • Suggested essential oils + body postures to further open you up to tenderness
  • NEW: Printable Love + Radiance Journal and audio exercises
  • NEW: Love + Radiance Mood Board
  • NEW: Access to a PRIVATE Instagram account
The Creation Space Meditation Kit. A meditative experience and a vivid visualization. The kit includes:
10 + 20-minute audio versions of the Creation Space Meditation, introduction + meditation theory (and cheerleading) audio from Danielle, written formats + a meditation cue card (so you don’t use your digital device to refer to meditation how-to’s!) and suggested essential oils + body postures, and journal exercises.

You can earn $5.00-$10.50 for every kit purchased through your link.

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