The Prepper Bundle

Homeschool Bundle July 26-31
We are currently accepting authors for this event. We’re putting this bundle together on a shorter time frame than other bundles so we’re moving quickly. We really want to take advantage of the Back To School season. This is a time when many people decide to homeschool, and because most homeschoolers follow the public school schedule a lot of them are ready to get their hands on some great resources--like our Homeschool Bundle!
If you blog about homeschooling then this is a great event to get the word out about your great content! If your readers homeschool this is a great event to promote and affiliate for, so mark your calendar!
B2B Summit September 10-16
I have invited my core speakers and they have accepted!! I’m am over the moon excited about this event. If you are interested in presenting at this summit please let me know. We are doing video recorded interviews (prefered), we can accommodate presentations (like if you’ve presented at a live event and want to use your slides with your talk), or we can do an audio only recording. The packaged summit for purchase will include video files (mp4), audio downloads (mp3) and transcripts (pdfs). The package will be available for download and/or through flash drive. (Don’t forget we will have your opt-in info auto-filled so that all the viewer has to do is click “Sign-Me Up” on your presentation page to be signed up for your list.)
We are currently looking for sponsors for this event to donate some prizes. If you know of a company, or run a company and would like to be part of this let me know.
Also we would like to include some free downloadable giveaways for this summit. So if you’d like to donate some valuable content that has your brand on it and get in front of more people, please let me know!
Handcrafted Christmas Boot Camp Launch--October 2
This event is going to be so much fun!!!!
The format of this event will be a boot camp; for example, this format is popular with the weight loss niche. It’s designed to get you moving and keep you on track.
We’ve designed a Boot Camp for getting those Homemade Christmas Gifts made that people always vow to do each year but don’t always get to.
This is going to be a video based series and the boot camp will only be open in the Fall. It is my hope that this will be a yearly event so I will have options for those who would like to add videos yearly. Then we can offer a huge library of Homemade Christmas tutorials in years to come. The content creator would need to provide a video tutorial, a supply list and step by step instructions. However, if you’d just like to try adding your content for one year to see how this performs for you we will have that option too!
Here are the slots I have open:
  1. How to make fruit butter or jam
  2. How to make soap
  3. How to make candles
  4. How to create a family recipe book
  5. How to make lotion or cream
  6. How to make extracts--vanilla, almond etc
  7. How to make a personal essential oil diffuser
  8. How to make quick bread (at least 5 favorite recipes)
  9. How to make infused oils/butter/ghee
  10. How to make your own natural perfume/aftershave
  11. How to make/sew your own pot holder
This will be a 14 day boot camp and will have several different price points. I will be sending out a special email with more details but this is just for those that want to get a jumpstart and email me to reserve their slot and topic. If you want to teach something that is not listed please email me.
B2B Bundle--Jan 17-23, 2018
Yup, it’s time to start thinking about our flagship event! Like last year we will be offering an incentive for new resources.
So the commission will break down as follows:
  • Author base commission: 45%
  • Bonus for new book (never in the bundle): +10%
  • Author bonus: 20% of all affiliate sales, divided evenly
  • Affiliate commission: 40%
  • 2nd Tier affiliate commission: +5% of the affiliates you refer
We will be announcing new events for next Spring (2018) next month. Our goal is to get events planned out so that you can put them on your calendar and prepare to promote or contribute to them with plenty of time to plan!
2017 Calendar of Events
  • Prepper Bundle--June 7-12
  • Homeschool Bundle--July 26-31 (author commission 50% + bonus, affiliate commission 40%)
  • B2B Summit--September 10-16 (affiliate commission 50%, speaker commission 60%)
  • Handcrafted Christmas Boot Camp Launch--October 2 (more info on this to come)
  • B2B Bundle--Jan 17-23 (author commission 45%-55% + bonus, affiliate commission 40%)