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Save 25%! Caramel Nut Monkey Bread

Everything You NEED to Know About Monkey Bread
Get Your First Monkey Bread Mix for $1.00!
Cheesy Monkey BreadHow to Make Monkey Bread for $1.00!
A customer in California said that monkey bread was "the most scrumptious concoction on the planet." She was not wrong.  Here's how you can make it for $1.00!

Choose Sweet or Savory Monkey Bread for $1.00! Use code "MBRD." Limit 1. Valid online with any purchase or in the store with a $20 purchase.  Not valid with other coupon codes.

New! Italian Cheesy Monkey Bread.
"Fantastic." We've been serving this gooey, cheesy monkey bread in the store for a month.  Customers are loving it.  Get yours for $1.00 at the above link.

Three Crazy Deals You Don't Want to Miss!
Save up to $32.96 or more!

See cookie, bread, and dessert mixes from $1.00!

Dear Partner,
monkey bread
Scrumptious Monkey Bread

Offer your followers three ways to make monkey bread for $1.00--like the monkey bread to the right.

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  • The deals are good through July 18.  They are in the deal section on SAS.
  • The coupon code for the monkey bread for $1.00 is good through July 4th .
If you have any questions, please let us know.  There should be no problems with inventories.  



Crazzzy Cocoa Sale!

"OMGosh, it's fantastic--huge difference!"--Jane
"It's a whole new take on cocoa!"--Chris
"MUCH, MUCH better!"--Ann
"My family and friends deserve this INCREDIBLE cocoa."--Michele  See more reviews and cocoa.  

Limit 3 while supplies last. Valid online with any purchase and in the store with a $20 purchase.  
Shopping tips!  Don't miss the crazy cocoa deal, then add the pancake variety pack with a bonus.  That's five pancake mixes and three free syrup mixes for $25.  The optional bonus gives you three more syrup mixes for $1.00 each

Then pick a monkey bread mix for a buck (with a $20 purchase in the store.)

How to Make Whoopie Pies
Dear Tina,
 Whoopie pies have been around for a long time.  They deserve to be. 

They're two cake-like cookies sandwiched together and filled with frosting, whipped cream, or a pastry filling. 

They're simple to make, usually made with a cake mix, batter scooped on a cookie sheet.  Usually you have to tinker with the cake mix to get the right consistency but we'll give you a deal on the mix. 

Three Essential Recipes for Summer

Tin Roof Sundae 
w/ hot fudge


Awesome Chubby Cherry Skillet Cobbler

Weekly Specials End Tonight!
Check out these crazy savings!

Ten Extraordinary Summer Cobbler Recipes
Dear Tina,
Plum Currant Skillet Cobbler

When my kids were little--many years ago--we toured Yellowstone Park.  In a gift shop I found a cookbook, "Mormon Pioneer Recipes." In it was a peach cobbler recipe that was outstanding.    

Over the years we've tweaked that recipe and substituted different fruits.  Finally, after starting this business, we made it into a mix.  It still makes the best cobblers I know of.

Save 40%! Skillet Cobblers

We've put ten of these cobblers on our website.  But don't let that limit you. If you have fruit, make cobblers.

You don't often find apples or pears in cobblers.  But try them.  We've added caramel sauce and nuts and they are outstanding.

You'll find a recipe for a mango coconut cream cobbler.  (Yes, we've had fun experimenting.) When the peaches come on, substitute peaches for the mango.  And don't miss the raspberry peach cobbler.

Have a great rest of the day!

Offer your followers a mix for $1.00 and ten summer cobblers that they can make with their mix. 

Then let them add deals like these to their orders:

  • The Crazy Cocoa Deal.  That's $5.99 a pound, regular $10.99 per pound.  Get either the rich dark or medium dark.  There's a limit of three. This offer will expire July 12.

  • Pancake Variety Pack.  Choose five pancakes and three syrup mixes for $25.  That's a savings of 43% and a fun way to stock up.

See the email with deals here:
You are welcome to use the content and promote the deals. 
  • The cocoa deal and the cherry cobbler deal are good through July 12.  The deals are in SAS.
  • The coupon code for the monkey bread for $1.00 and the skillet cobbler are good through September 30.
If you have any questions, please let us know.  There should be no problems with inventories.  

Bread Mix Sale!
Bread mixes from $1.00 and $1.99!

Only $1.00! Monkey Bread Mix. "My son made this today after it arrived. OMG it is so good. I will be buying more."--Bell

Only $1.99! Sally Lunn Bread Mix.  "This is an amazing eggy type bread. Perfect balance of bread interior to crust. Just wonderful to smell while baking."-- Marsha P.

Only 1.99! Easy Homemade Bread Mixes.  "I gotta say-this was AWESOME! It was soft and yet sturdy. I toasted some of the thick slices on the griddle and used it with Eggs Florentine. SO delicious!" -- Sarah
How to Make Your Own Hamburger Buns!

Dear Tina,
burger bun
If you can make dinner rolls, you can make hamburger buns.

Homemade just beats the dickens out of store buns. They'll make the best burgers you've ever had.  

There's really nothing to it--though we'll give you directions in a minute.  They're just flattened dinner rolls.  I just use my knuckles to flatten them before rising.  

chicken focaccia sandwich
If you really want some great homemade buns, try these:

See more fun summer things to make!



Pink lemonade pie
Make Pink Lemonade Pie for the Fourth!

Weekly Specials End at Midnight!

Crazy! Save $29.46 on pancakes 
and syrups!

Limit 1 of each collection.  Valid in store with the code and a $20 purchase.

Uncle Bob's Extra Moist and 
Chewy Brownies
Only $1.00. Reg. $5.99. Limit 3.

Not valid with other coupon deals. In store requires the code and a $20 purchase.

See great deals on breads, pancakes, desserts, ingredients and tools.

How to Make Pink Lemonade Pies 
and Their Cousins
Dear Tina,

We think these are "the best desserts of the summer." 

They're ice cream-like pies that you make with frozen juice concentrates.  They don't have to be lemon--flavors like strawberry guava and mango work fine.  

You don't have to turn the oven on. Mix it up in your stand-type mixer and freeze it in a springform pan. 

There are lots of ideas in your grocer's freezer case.

Have a great day.

Weekly Specials end at Midnight!
Crazy! Save 43% on pancakes and syrups!
monkey bread mini
Only $1.00! 
Use code "MONK4" Choose sweet or savory.
Limit 1. Not valid with other coupon deals.  Valid in the store with a $20 purchase and the coupon code. 

How to Plan a Picnic Hike

Hi Tina,  flower hike

Merri Ann and I love to hike--wandering along a babbling brook or climbing through the pines just to see what's on the other side of the mountain.

Last week we picked a long gentle canyon to hike.  Late in the evening, the canyon opened to a beautiful little valley.  It was green and lush and, deep in the evening shadows, cool and inviting.

Merri Ann spread a coated tarp that she brought for a picnic blanket in the grass.  She pulled out snacks and pops kept ice cold with "Blue Ice" packs.

We lingered, watching the shadows deepen and the valley turn misty.  The app on Merri Ann's phone said we had 4.6 miles to go so, at ten to eight, we turned and hurried down the canyon.

If you go, consider taking these:
  • Crackers and cheese.  I'll choose a wax enclosed Gouda.  The wax pack will protect it from rough handling and bacteria.  
  • Either a pasta or a potato salad.  The mayonnaise will be safe as longs as we keep the bags cold.
  • Sandwich wraps. Unlike bread, the tortillas can take a beating.  
  • Fruit, either apples or oranges.  
  • Rice Krispie treats.


Baked French Toast Stuffed with Bavarian Cream
soft pudding cookies
Only $1.00! Reg. $5.99! 
Use code "SOFT4".
Limit 1. Not valid with other coupons. This deal is valid in the store as an add-on to your $20 purchase.  

Choose Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, or Strawberries and Cream. 

Limit 3. Not valid with other coupons including the pudding
cookies. Valid in the store with a $20 purchase. 
How to Make Breakfast Three Days Ahead
Dear Tina,
Life is hectic.  Maybe you have a busy weekend coming up or guests coming.  Here's how to make breakfast three days in advance.

Think French toast.  Better yet, think stuffed French toast.  But don't fry it; bake it.

Three days ahead--or the night before--make it up, put it a pan, and stick it in the refrigerator. Before breakfast, stick the pan in the oven.  You're done.

All you have to do is set the table.

We'll start you out with a couple recipes, but really, be creative.  Add a filling between the slices. A sweetened cream cheese filling works but so do premade pastry fillings.

Here are more breakfast ideas!

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