Cheryls Redhot Mailer

Hi Tina, Hurry! Only 4 Gamma Ray Partner Positions Left! That price went up to $199.00 and the Red Hot JV Lifetime prices went up to $159.00 on the day of launch. That is for Lifetime with 5% Profit Sharing for Red Hot JV members and 10% Profit Sharing for Gamma Ray Partners. LOCK IN YOUR LOW LIFETIME PRICE NOW. BOTH LEVELS COME WITH LIFETIME PROFIT SHARING. Cheryl here, with exciting news......Rickey and I have a new mailer that just launched and WE NEED YOU to join us as a Partner who is willing to help build the Red Hot JV team. There are 24 Partner positions available....4 left as of this mailing. The OTO price is $199.00 for Lifetime. Commission Level is 60% with 50% on all OTO Offers. This comes with 10% Profit Sharing for LIFE! There are 200 JV positions available....191 left as of this mailing. The OTO price is $159.00 for Lifetime. Commission Level is 50% with 40% on all OTO Offers. This comes with 5% Profit Sharing for Life! Cheryl's Red Hot Mailer just launched on Monday, December 19, 2016 . The Gamma Ray Partner and Red Hot JV positions will be available until they sell out. We want to have a strong Foundation Team in place so we need you today! Get in on this unique privileged team and share the wealth of the JV team commissions with the Owners. This new mailer has Profit Sharing for both the Gamma Ray Partners and the Red Hot JV members, 10% and 5%. These shares are for the life of the mailer! There are so many benefits and features to this mailer, with many more to be added in the coming weeks. Don't miss this unique opportunity! The first commission payments were made on Friday, December 16, 2016 - three days before launch. Altogether, we paid out $647.10 in commissions. Every Friday is commission payday! No need to put in a request. There is a seven day hold on all payments so we pay on all payments that have cleared in our processors. Sign up free, confirm your email then log in and look carefully at the first OTO for Gamma Ray Partners. If you pass that up, there is only one more offer partner..Red Hot JV. Both levels have incredible benefits. Two more OTO offers will appear after the first two top levels. They are Blazing Promoter and Fiery Flame. Both are lifetime memberships with great benefits. If you miss the OTO offers, no worries...there are four other upgrade levels available inside. But choose wisely, the Lifetime prices are the best value for your dollar and they have the greatest benefits within this mailer. Join our Skype Group at "Cheryl's Red Hot Mailer". All members will now be paid commissions for any and all upgraded referrals! So get out there and bring in members. Help this site grow and share in the profits. Don't miss out on hefty commissions! Join the team today. Partners can set up this email in their Autoresponder. Use this JV Sales Page as the link. Provide a way for prospective partners to contact you. Once they do and express interest in joining, send them your sponsor affiliate link to join. Add ?rid= with your affiliate number to this link. See you inside and Welcome in Advance to the team. Best Regards, YOUR NAME P.S. Read the Sales Plan carefully. It's explained fully in the link below. P.P.S. Be sure to sign up from the link your Sponsor sent you.