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Fact or Myth: Do Water Workouts Offer the Same Fitness Benefits as Land-based Workouts?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, swimmers’ risk of death is about half that of inactive individuals. Sure, swimming improves your overall health, especially your cardiovascular endurance, but how do the benefits of water workouts measure up to the benefits of land-based workouts? Fairly well, if we go by research.
When we exercise on land, be it an aerobics class or pounding the pavement, our body weight works against gravity, and this resistance helps to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. In water, however, gravity is negated, and our body weight is 90% lighter…which is why a 100-lb woman can easily lift a 250-lb man in the water.
Aquatic exercise is proven to increase flexibility, improve aerobic fitness, and reduce joint stress. This month, we're showcasing accessories that can make your water workout even more effective--and fun!

This Just In! New Product Spotlight
Here are some of the newest additions to our product line-up. 

Aqua Creek Tidal Wave Pool Bike Thumbnail
Aqua Creek Tidal Wave Pool Bike

The Aqua Creek Tidal Wave Pool Bike is a new aquatic exercise bike that provides users a unique flywheel and folding v-frame design. Users of all types will find the multiple resistance levels, and the adjustable seat and handlebars allow them to exercise at comfortable settings.

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Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid Right Hand Thumbnail
Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid Right Hand

The Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid Right Hand gently, yet firmly holds the user’s hand in a functional position for effectively holding items. This unique gripping aid is designed to allow the user to put on independently.

Your Price: $84.95
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All-Pro Aqua Power Weighted Bands Thumbnail
All-Pro Aqua Power Weighted Bands

The All-Pro Aqua Power Weighted Bands are weighted resistance bands specifically designed for water workouts. Choose from medium or heavy resistance bands with 1 pound of weight in each handle.

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Bet You Didn't Know . . .
Water resistance is not just a buoyancy feature to help work the muscles. In fact, the water pressure actually works with your blood as well and enables one’s blood flow to circulate more effectively throughout the body, effectively decreasing blood pressure and, in the long run, decreasing resting heart rate. This benefit means your heart is maintaining its productivity while putting less stress on your heart!

Related Product Round-up

Aqua-Jogger Tri-Fit Swim Bar 30 inch Thumbnail
Aqua-Jogger Tri-Fit Swim Bar 30 inch

The Aqua-Jogger Tri-Fit Swim Bar 30 inch is a versatile swim bar with moveable rounds that provides light resistance for a complete upper body workout. People with strength limitations will find this swim aid ideal for arm rehabilitation, useful as a balance bar for adults, or a flotation aid for children.

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 Aqua-Jogger Active Flotation Belt Thumbnail
Aqua-Jogger Active Flotation Belt

The Aqua-Jogger® Active Flotation Belt for water exercise was originally developed as a water rehabilitation tool for pre and post-surgery patients and world class athletes recovering from injury. This buoyancy belt allows the wearer to maintain an upright posture in the water, strengthening the core abdominal and low back muscles through their continued use.

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All-Pro Aqua Power Wrist Weights 4-lb Pair Thumbnail
All-Pro Aqua Power Wrist Weights 4-lb Pair

The All-Pro Aqua Power Wrist Weights 4-lb Pair fit comfortably around the wrists to add essential load bearing exercises to a water exercise routine. Users can adjust their level of resistance by removing or adding individual weights.

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Very limited quantities available
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Statistically Speaking . . .
Water has greater resistance than air, which means walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than walking on land. Expect to burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour in a water aerobics class. ~ Aquatic Exercise Association

Our Mission is to be the leading provider of unique health care products for people with varying physical needs. We search for and deliver useful tools, appliances, equipment, and rehabilitation products that help make accomplishing daily tasks less difficult.

Arthritis: Keeping Travel Pain-Free

The world is too big to be left unexplored. Whether you're going on safari to Africa or getting together with your family for the holidays, you don’t want to miss these memorable moments for any reason — let alone because of your arthritis.
Here are some easy tips for making your holiday travel as painless as possible.

Before you go

Packing properly for your trip is always important, whether it's sunscreen for sunny climates or a parka for northern destinations.
Travelling with osteoarthritis takes a little extra preparation. Here are a few things you'll most likely want to bring with you:
  • Medication: Always bring more medication than you think you'll need to account for any unforeseen circumstances, such as layovers or delays.
  • Assistive devices: This includes canes, walkers, heating pads, extra pillows, or whatever else might make the journey more comfortable.
  • Necessary information: This could include your emergency contact information, or your doctor's phone number in case you need advice on your trip.
When preparing for your next adventure, make your trip easier and more enjoyable by taking along aids that can help you get ready at home and on the go. 

This Just In! New Product Spotlight
Enjoy introductory savings on the newest additions to our product line-up 

Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid Thumbnail
Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid
The Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid is an innovative and simple to use dressing aid designed by an Occupational Therapist. People with arthritis who have difficulty putting on a bra will find this dressing aid can be used with most bra types and is easily adjusted to size. 
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Buckingham EasyWipe Toilet Aid Thumbnail
Buckingham EasyWipe Toilet Aid

The long handled, easy to use Buckingham EasyWipe Toilet Aid is made to help those who find reaching to use and dispose of toilet paper difficult. Users with arthritis will find this toileting aid easy to use, and it works equally well with both wet wipes and toilet paper.

Your Price: $24.95
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Buckingham Travel EasyWipe Toilet Aid Thumbnail
Buckingham Travel EasyWipe Toilet Aid

The easy to use, long handle Buckingham Travel EasyWipe Toilet Aid helps users with arthritis who have limited reach and dexterity to use and dispose of toilet paper. It works equally well with both wet wipes and toilet paper.   

Your Price: $39.95
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EZ Fold-n-Go Walker by Stander Thumbnail
Item of the Month

EZ Fold-N-Go Walker by Stander
Get outside and go with a lightweight travel walker by Stander 

The EZ Fold-n-Go Walker by Standers is a contemporary, folding easy to use rolling walker that allows users with arthritis to walk with confidence. The unique design of the EZ Fold-n-Go Walker allows it to open and fold up easily, ensuring that users with limited hand strength or arthritis can utilize this walker with ease. The compact design of this walker also makes it ideal for fitting in small spaces while traveling.

Sale Price: $119.95
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Related Product Round-Up
A sampling of additional products we offer that help with daily living tasks

Telescopic Shoehorn Thumbnail
Telescopic Shoehorn

The Telescopic Shoehorn is just 12 inches long when folded and is ideal for storing in a drawer or for travel. This adjustable metal shoe horn handle extends to 25 inches long for easily sliding on shoes without bending. The loop handle strap can be used to secure the shoe horn around the wrist or for hanging.

Your Price: $16.95
Limited quantities available
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Health Craft Portable Bath Board Thumbnail
Health Craft Portable Bath Board

The Health Craft Portable Bath Board is a sturdy plastic seat with anti-slip feet that provides a secure sitting surface for bathtubs that do not feature built-in seats. People with arthritis will find the seat can easily be moved for storage or travel.

Sale Price: $62.95
Save 7% off retail price!
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Red Pocket Dresser Button Hook Zipper Pull Thumbnail
Red Pocket Dresser Button Hook Zipper Pull

The Red Pocket Dresser Button Hook Zipper Pull is a heavy duty buttoning and zipping tool designed for use by individuals with arthritis or fine motor disabilities. This dressing aid includes a large button-hook, a small button-hook, a zipper pick, and a closed loop buttoning aid, all of which fold into the pocket-knife-style handle.

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