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History of Oils 

Essential Oils are the naturally occurring volatile oils obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing (expression), having the characteristic aroma of the plant part from which it was derived. These 100% pure oils are “neat”, meaning they have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. Although a particular species of plant, harvested and distilled for its essential oil during a particular growing season in a specific region, may produce a fragrance differing from the same species grown in a different region, but many of the main chemical markers and physical specifications may be very similar.

Where do most oils come from?

Essential oils come from all over the world. Most essential oils are distilled on the farm or near where the plant is grown. Therefore, essential oils tend to come from the regions of the world where the plants are cultivated. Besides North America, many oils come from Europe and Southeast Asia.

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DIY Body Scrub! Help stimulate circulation and let the essential oil help keep your skin moisturized and oil-balanced! Recipe Below!
DIY Body Scrub with Essential Oils
-1 cup sea salt
-1/2 cup olive oil
-5-15 drops essential oil of choice (see below)

Directions: Mix sea salt and enough olive oil to make a slush; add essential oils and stir to combine. Store in a container with a tight-fitting lid. Makes a great holiday gift!
To use: Rub the scrub in a circular motion towards the heart, starting with the feet. Rinse and enjoy feeling invigorated and moisturized!
Essential Oils for Dry, Oily, and Normal Skin:
-Roman Chamomile EO
-Sandalwood EO
-Ylang Ylang EO
-Patchouli EO
-Frankincense EO
-Rosemary EO
-Clary Sage EO
-Melaleuca EO
-Frankincense EO
-Cedarwood EO
-Lavender EO
-Peppermint EO
-Geranium EO
-Rose EO
-Sandalwood EO
-Ylang Ylang EO
Remember, these are not hard - just some ideas!
If you are new to essential oils or you just need some different ideas on how to use essential oils, check out this great post from the Six Sister's Stuff!
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25 Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils.


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