Natural Elements Skincare

- Pacifying gel & cleanser = super face mask treatment
- Pacifying gel & spot serum = acne killing treatment
- Cleansing lotion & spot serum = breakout out treatment
- All 3 mixed together = clear complexion treatment
- Pacifying gel alone = complexion boosting treatment
The ultimate face mask kit for the whole family!!
Suitable for all skin types and safe for all ages!

Did you know the average UK female spends £470 a year on hair care products😯
Did you know - Women spend £108 a year on shampoo and conditioner😵
Did you know most UK women spend £120 a year on hair treatments; hot oils, volumizing treatments etc.
Are you aware that UK males under the age of 40 spend on average £285 a year on hair care products😶😶
The hair care industry is MASSIVE and has ENORMOUS potential, especially when over 80% of shop bought hair care products contain toxic chemicals - SLS, parabens etc.
This statistic SHOCKED me👇👇
Since 2015 the most popular hair care product bought by UK women aged 16-40 is hair growth shampoo treatments.
👆👆 And what's more shocking is the fact over 70% of hair growth shampoos I've reached today have at LEAST 3 toxic chemicals in; Propylene Glycol - Anti-freeze. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - SLS. Isopropyl Alcohol - Alcohol.


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