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Dear Hivesters,
On the 26th of May the World Health Assembly once again proved that we need to take matters into our own hands when it comes to combating the rapidly growing threat of antimicrobial resistance. The gist of their resolution, based on World Health Organization's recommendation on a "global action plan to battle the threat," was to "improve access to new antibiotics."

Does this sound like a rational plan when it's 100% clear that antibiotics are the CAUSE of the plague?
WHA is also narrowly focusing on sepsis (6 million deaths per year, but still only a small part of the problem), that is caused by uncontrollable infections originating in wounds. They are not even mentioning the 10 million superbug infections in US hospitals per year!

What is even more incomprehensible is that the "experts" are still discussing how to create "more advanced antibiotics," when the natural solution has been there for approximately 5,000 years!
  • Average time to develop novel antibiotic: 10 years.
  • Average time for a bacteria to mutate to become resistant to novel antibiotic: fraction of a second) 
Because of this massive fallacy we're giving out silver with unforeseen price advantages, starting with SILVER HEALER
Get 20% OFF in addition to the existing $60 discount with coupon SILVERBOOST with a 100% quality guarantee and a 30-day return policy!
This means $120 saving for the world's best DIY silver maker.
Are we out of our minds? Well no, we believe the regulators in charge of protecting us, are. Antibiotic Resistance is the main existential threat today. Antibiotics should be avoided at all costs. Only by trying silver can you understand the true power of this natural antimicrobial. 
When administered in high-quality form, silver wipes out all common and exotic bacterial infections in modern lab conditions, including superbugs like MRSA. It is the only agent that wipes out over 630 bacterial infections with a 360˚ solution.
You can also opt for:

is 400 times stronger than colloidal silver, and 200 times more bioavailable due to being chelated. On the move? Apply a few drops into a glass of water and you're good to go! 
3) MEGA RESISTANCE KIT includes Silver Healer, a skin protecting, zinc-based natural sunblock, and a topical antimicrobial solution with chelated silver.

​4) OTHER NATURAL ANTIBIOTICS you can check for yourself, including natural ointments like 3rd Rock Rashblock that contain chelated silver. 

As an extra sweetener, this week we are also offering 20 % OFF on the market's premium superfood combination, Equilibrium, to get your energy and gut biome back in order. Gut function needs to be repaired first if you have been subjected to antibiotics in the last 12 months! 
Read up on the benefits of silver below, share your knowledge and don't ever yield to a bug or antibiotic again.
HoneyColony & Simply Transformative Team


Make your own high-quality ionic/colloidal silver for the price of distilled water!

We scoured the market to find the most cost efficient, high-grade, portable ionic/colloidal silver generator in the market. For maximum healthbenefits, Silver Healer produces a nano-particle blend of ionic and colloidal silver that can be easily absorbed by the body. It is the most powerful natural antimicrobial in existence, which means you can give up immune-disruption antibiotics and stay healthy the natural way.

Pan-Resistant Superbug: End Of The Antibiotic Era

One superbug has finally taken the last evolutionary jump into what could be an incurable existential threat. But there is a solution, unlike what modern medicine claims.

51 Amazing Colloidal Silver Benefits

Silver is an ancient and natural all purpose healing agent. It wipes out bacterial infections in a safe, clean manner, without compromising our immune system like antibiotics do.

6 Ways to Use Silver for Pets

Ionic colloidal silver is useful for the entire household, including your beloved pets. It’s an excellent way to boost your pets’ immunity and prevent illnesses, infections, and diseases. 

Dirty Clean Lies: Truth About Triclosan

The ways to use silver are virtually endless; it’s a powerful healing force when applied both topically and internally. The health benefits you can reap from ionic colloidal silver are increasingly important in a time when the rate of antibiotic resistance is creeping steadily higher. 

It's good to go a little bit crazy during sunny days. But not with sunscreens.

Dear Hive Members,
I live in Los Angeles, the indisputable land of sun worshippers. You’d think having 250+ days of sun a year would mean we would be experts in sun safety, but you’d be wrong. SoCal residents are just as addicted to toxic sun screens as they are to the sun itself.
Take our beaches for example. The minute you set foot on the sand, the first thing that hits you isn’t the smell of the salty fresh air, it’s the chemical stench of sunblock. Did you know that coral dies within 96 hours of being exposed to low levels of sunscreen chemicals? It’s horrifying that we’re not just slathering these nasty chemicals on our selves, but also on our children. While brands like Coppertone and Banana Boat can try to cover up that "sunblock smell" with artificial fragrances, the fact remains, this stuff is just not good for you.
In fact, putting on dangerous sunscreen can be causing more sun damage than going without sunscreen at all! Some of the ingredients in conventional sunscreen, like propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate, can cause tissue damage, serious allergic reactions, and potential hormone disruption.
Furthermore, conventional sunscreen brands are operating on the wrong assumptions, they want you to believe that more SPF is always better, when the truth is it’s more complicated than that. They want you to believe that sunscreen should block ALL UV rays, while blocking UVB rays can actually cause a harmful Vitamin D deficiency and increase chances of skin cancer,
With summer just around the corner, it’s important to know what optimal sun safety actually looks like and for that, we’ve got you covered. Try instead a sunblock so safe, you can eat it! With 3rd Rock Sun Block, you get all the protection without the use of toxic emulsifiers found in other sunscreen brands. Plus this sunscreen is extremely rich in formulation, one drop will get you far!

Get 15% off a family 3-pack of 3rd Rock Sun Block today with code SUNNYJUNE and start reaping the benefits immediately!

Dear Friend, get a natural glow on your face with our 48 hour special.
Dear Hive Members,
This week we are offering 20% OFF for 48 hours on HealthForce products with code HFSPECIAL - From phytonutrient-rich chlorella manna to recovery-enhancing antioxidant supplements, these superfoods have got you covered.!
And even better news for skin care, NO3URISH is back in stock within a week! Reserve yours if you haven't already as this item will fly out as soon as we receive it.
For customers who are waiting for NO3URISH to ship, we apologize for the long delay. The massive demand wiped out our inventory. Expect yours shortly.
If you haven't yet experienced NO3URISH, then it's time to check it out.  NO3URISH is chock full of activated oxygen, or Ozone (O3), which is a natural healing powerhouse. Ozone combined with organic, top quality bee pollen and beeswax is the secret why NO3URISH has become such a hit product! The best part? It won’t break the bank – the best kept rejuvenation method for your skin isn’t going to cost you hundreds and isn't a “patented miracle” backed by a cosmetic giant. 

oday: Learn How To Heal Via Proper Hydration!
Dear Hive Members,
Proper hydration is the most powerful and cheapest natural healing method available. 
Two months ago we reached over 100.000 people in chronic ailment groups, many of them suffering from symptoms of inflammation, pain, lack of energy and other chronic complications. We made a simple offer: drink at least 4 glasses (8 oz) of hydrogenated water per day for the next 10 days in addition to your normal water intake. Over 300 people wrote back to us with some incredible testimonials, ranging from dramatically better physical performance, gut balance, better skin, better digestion, reduced swelling in hands and feet, better vision, no more headaches, no need for antibiotics, even a better love life!
We also had some excellent questions:

1) How much should I drink water per day? The real answer is that the optimal water intake depends on your individual metabolism, but if you are healing it should not be less than half a gallon per day (8*8oz glasses). Pay attention to the color of your urine (optimal: very light-colored yellow) and frequency (optimal: 7-8 times per day) to make sure the water intake is just right for your body!

2) How do I get access to the right kind of water? This is the biggest challenge, since most tap AND bottled water in U.S. is compromised, and most spring water is too expensive. The safest way is to get hold of water that has gone through Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filtering to make sure it is absolutely clean. However, filtered water alone does't hydrate. You need to add minerals back to it, which is easy to do with a pinch of Himalayan Salt, in addition to a tablet of Hydra.

3) How many tablets of Molecular Hydrogen do I need per day?  You can get by with one Hydra per day, but optimally use two for the first ten days. The best way to do this is to premix the half gallon of R/O filtered water, cap the bottle and drop two tablets of Hydra in there. Later, use only one tablet. Secure the cap because Hydra dissipates into air if it is left in an open container.
As you might remember, Molecular Hydrogen (H2), is a tiny but powerful molecule that addresses oxidative stress on a cellular level, with over 500 studies to back its beneficial effects, from alleviating fatigue and constipation, to loosing weight and ensuring your body heals more quickly and healing gut bacteria (where over 90% of your brain chemicals are manufactured). Hydra restructures water to mimic the original purpose of truly healing spring water.  Hydra is a game changer because it reaches through your cell walls naturally. And this is where the healing happens.
Read our feature on molecular hydrogen as a reminder, or dig into the science and research here, then order Hydra with an automatic shipment to you every 30 or 90 days, with a 10% OFF coupon LOVEHYDRA.  
Note: with existing 5% auto ship discount you will save 15% if you place the order within the next 48 hours! Offer stays valid for as long as you decide to auto-ship Hydra!
Our offer stands. If you don't feel better within 10 days, your money back! 
Stay on the journey! Own your gut. Own your mind. Own your health

CBD is flowing again + learn the incredibly simple trip to avoid constipation! 
Dear Hive Members,
First some great news: our payment processor for CBD is up and running again smoothly, after being under attack through our CBD compliant partner (yes, the attacks against CBD merchants is getting more intense!). All that has been fixed now, so if you had a bad experience on Simply Transformative when trying to buy Superior CBD, we apologize! Try again and select your favorite CBD bundle here, today!We still have a week's worth of inventory before we have to wait for new shipment!
Next, an important health announcement, regarding... pooping! And how to never experience constipation again.

Pooping is something we all do everyday (more than once if you are healthy). But what if we told you that you’ve been using the crapper wrong, all along, and that the way you sit has a major impact on your digestive health!
While the toilet seems like a nifty invention in concept, it actually squishes all of your intestines and puts undue pressure on your sphincter. 
In the modern world, our bathroom habits are unhealthy, unhygienic, and unsustainable, which is one of the reasons we deal with a record number of hemorrhoids, digestion, and constipation issues.
But there is a simple cost effect yet solution.
Years ago, -- long before Squatty Potty had it's own ice-cream-pooping rainbow Unicorn), I was flipping through Paleo Magazine when I spotted an ad for a newfangled bathroom apparatus claiming to improve colon health and the quality of my pooping experience. Needless to say, I was skeptical at first, but ultimately very curious.
The premise was simple enough: Place your feet on their specially designed foot rest, which creates a squat toilet, and assume a squatting position to defecate.
Sitting kinks you out and puts upward pressure on the rectum, keeping your feces inside. As a result, you strain when you poop. The squatting position, however, allows the thighs to be flexed and the abdomen to relax.  Just ask the rainbow unicorn.
Remarkably, since using the Squatty potty, I haven’t struggled with constipation or pelvic floor issues at all. And it's also helped with my UTI's
It’s simply more ergonomic and so much better for your body, that I won’t go anywhere without it.
Traveling without a squatty was horrible. I was literally turning garbage cans upside down. Then two years ago I brought a portable squatty potty to Greece. Their first models were inflatable.
Now, their revised model is fold-able and pack-able. It's already snug in my suitcase along with other HoneyColony travel must haves, as I get back into digital nomad mode. Before heading to Greece, I am making a stop in Guernsey to cover a conference on Human Longevity and Blue Zones. Stay tuned for my findings.
I'm offering our hive members 15% off their first squatty potty with coupon code SQUATTY for the next three days. Happy pooping!
Maryam Henein
CoFounder, HoneyColony

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3 Environmentally Friendly Ways To Deal With Human Feces

Discussing human feces may be off-putting, but did you know that our excrement can help our planet?
This simple biochemical fact can radically enhance your quality of life! 
Dear Hivesters,
When it comes to gaining energy, zest, buzz, drive, we've been going at it the wrong way for decades with energy bars and energy drinks. Sugar, that is.

Sugar is an empty energy calorie that tells your body to store fat, while giving you a very short energy burst. Then you have to get some more, which is how you gather extra weight even if you starve yourself and run a marathon every day. 
The other problem is that you're not getting your micronutrients, which is why your immune system will eventually crash with sugar addiction.
When we formulated Equilibrium Energy Superfood we weren't kidding around. It took two years to get it right, with endless testing. We understood that people don't want to give up the concept of sweet completely, but they wanted it in a healthy dose. They also needed a fine balance of the most essential, energy and immune enhancing micronutrients, mixed with just enough of the finest raw honey to satisfy the need for natural sweet. Equilibrium is fused with organic and wildcrafted ingredients, including phytoplankton and turmeric - cultivated to maximize your long-term energy with a single teaspoon. Check out the 13 powerful ingredients below!

When we talk about Equilibrium energy, we mean a sense of calm and focus, not the hectic kind of buzz. This is because the source is all natural and rich in micronutrients. Your body won't crash - you will continue flying!
Make sure you cut out your other sources of sugar significantly and take your daily allowance of sweet from Equilibrium, and your life will change, guaranteed!

Some of our customers who use Equilibrium regularly are top athletes and high-performance  executives, who don't have time to take a dozen supplements every day. It's all packed in a teaspoon of Equilibrium! 
Today we're celebrating our first year from the moment we first tasted the winning combination!
Get 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING on any Equilibrium bundle with coupon ENERGY4ME!
For the next three days the discount and free shipping also apply to:
1) Our most potent natural antimicrobial: Silver Surfer.
2) Our top cannabinoid formulation in the market: SUPERIOR

4) Must-Have-Emergency Travel it featuring Equilibrium!
Enjoy Life To The Fullest!

The HoneyColony Team

Equilibrium Health Benefits

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12 Health Benefits Of Phytoplankton

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