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"Enchanted" collection by adora-bay is now IN STOCK!! Limited quantities !! This style is pictured on Bailey so you can see how stinkin adorable it is on!! $40 shipped each I have size 18m -7 in all 4 princesses Belle
Snow White
Elsa/ ice princess
Sleeping beauty Post size , princess , and PayPal to be invoiced

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Get More Than 180 Amazing Smoothie Recipes To Tickle Your Fancy! I’m a big fan of smoothies. It’s my regular thirst-quencher after a 2-hour work out at the dance studio. I usually rotate my favorite fruits, sometimes substituting whatever is in season, for variety. I’m always looking out for new recipes to try so I don’t get bored with the usual fruit-and-low-fat milk combination. So I was just thrilled to have come across this book called “Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously”. This collection of healthy smoothie recipes boasts of over 180 recipes that are kitchen tested and certified to taste as good as they actually are for our body. It’s only available online at the book’s homepage, which you can access here: Top 5 reasons why you should check it out! There are over 180 recipes, and all of them are guaranteed to taste good. Unlike recipes that you can find scattered over the internet, these recipes are kitchen-tested, which…

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Meet our new fragrance...#Pure431 is a mesmerizing composition which seduces you with sweetness... Fragrance notes:
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🎀 Heart notes: jasmine, lily of the valley
🎀 Base notes: tonka bean, musk

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Let's Get Painting! Our stamping collection is opaque, quick drying, and awesome. Twinkled T Polish is opaque in one swipe and fast drying! Use it as a regular

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Today I've spent a lot of time looking into product ingredients and I'm shocked at just how many famous and well known beauty brands are guilty of using this ingredient..⬇⬇
YES that's right ANTI-FREEZE!!
It's manufactured to be used in our vehicles NOT on our skin!!
Are you aware that these companies are hiding this harmful ingredient in their products?
If you want to check your beauty products for anti-freeze simply look out for these TWO words on the ingredients list..⬇
⛔️ Ethylene glycol - EGW
⛔️ Propylene glycol - PGW
These hashtags are popular and relate to the matter so use them #AntiFreeze#whatsinyourproducts#gonatural#toxicbeauty

Some more shocking facts for you! This well known brand that's SUPER popular with teens and young adults is packed with harmful chemicals, prepare to be shocked ladies..😵😵 Clearasil Hydra-Blast range!! 🔎 Contains Benzyl Salicylate which is part of the salicylic acid family which can cause many …