<a href=""> - the Creator of the Personalized Novel in 1992 - writes, markets, and sells personalized romance novels in which any couple can star.<br><br>Currently 50+ titles are available in settings all over the world. The books are personalized with 26 bits of info like names, eye and hair color, hometown, place of work, best friends' names, favorite color, etc.<br><br>There are 5 price points: eBook starting at $10.95; paperbacks (160 pages) at $39.95 - with photo added $64.95; hardbacks (210 pages) at $84.96 - with photo added $109.95. Shipping and handling is extra. We ship worldwide. Each book has a full-color cover and is perfect bound.<br><br>EBooks are delivered via email.<br><br> The products have been seen in People magazine, USAToday, ABC's "The View," Reader's Digest, Entrepreneur, Greg Godek's "1001 Ways to be Romantic," Bridal Guide, and hundreds of newspapers, radio, and TV stations.<br><br> Shipping is USPS worldwide. Paperbacks usually arrive within a week; hardbacks within two weeks.<br></a>


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