Solo Smarts

Do you know someone who's pretty much always been the same?  
They don't try new things.  They stay in the same old job, to the same old things, eat the same old foods... they're 'set in their ways' and 'like things the way they are'.  
May as well tattoo 'Comfort Zone Lover' on their foreheads, right?
That's never been me. I've always loved change.  
As a teen, I loved to rearrange furniture just to experience my room in a new way.  I colored my hair, cut it, curled it - almost lost it at one point from changing it a bit too much ;)
As an adult, I still love change, though the focus has shifted.   It's no longer about pursuing change for the sake of 'new', I'm creating more of what I want in my life and in the world around me.
I Want To Have A Powerful Impact!
Building and prospering with a business opens doors for people in a huge way.  It can change the lives of an entire family when one person finds out what they're amazing at and develops an income around it.  I get to come alongside people and help them make it happen.  
I love it and that's why I Stretch Myself!
Why will you Stretch Yourself? Why do you want to have a bigger impact on the world?
I can't wait to find out when you join me in the Stretch Yourself Challenge!
It all starts Monday, April 3rd.
You'll get the NEW Updated Stretch Yourself Challenge Digital Workbook
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