Natural Elements Skincare

It's the first day of SPRING but are you aware of the most common skin concerns this time of the year?
Here's the top things people will be concerned about now we're in springtime..👇👇
📌 Your legs feel stubbly just hours after shaving
Solution; No.8 shave oil applied before shaving so your razor gets as close as possible and makes shaving super easy AND apply our body lotion to help slow down hair regrowth.
📌 Stubble on Tom Hardy? Sexy. On your underarms? Not sexy!
Solution; Applied shave oil and leave to soak into your armpits for at least 2-3 minutes before you start shaving to help your razor get as close as possible and always draw your razor against the direction of growth, follow up with our crystal deodorant for sweat free pits.
📌 Your bikini line is dotted with red bumps
Solution; Using our shave oil will help prevent lumps and bumps around your bikini line, it's 100% safe to use on your intimate areas and works wonders at preventing ingrown hairs in those areas. You can also help prevent embarrassing lumps and bumps by using our peppermint body wash the day before and the day after shaving or waxing your intimate parts.
📌 Your foot calluses are as tough as leather
Solution; Our therapeutics eczema moisturising cream works fantastically on callus skin, apply to damp feet for maximum results. Make sure your buffing off dead skin before applying the cream and be sure to keep on top of cream applications (morning & night)
📌 Acne pops up in unexpected
Solution; Weather change can play havoc with your skin so if you have an oily or problematic complexion make sure your using our therapeutics face wash morning & night to prevent sweat clogging your pores and feeding bacteria, follow up with the acne moisturiser for best results and using our spot serum before bed will help clear up breakouts quickly. (Make sure your drinking plenty of water too)
📌 Your skin resembles your alligator bag
Solution; If you suffer with dry skin the change in weather can cause you problems; our face wash for all skin types leaves skin super hydrated so use this morning and night to fight off dry skin on the face follow up with the moisturising cream or facial oil to help lock in moisture and make sure your applying a generous amount of night cream or facial oil before bed to help soothe dry skin. If you suffer with dry skin on the body be sure to apply our eczema moisturising cream or our sensitive body lotion before bed to help keep your skin hydrated and fresh.
Now you know the most common skin concerns for spring💐 so raise awareness of them, give people the right solution to their concern and share your personal spring time skincare tips.

Let's talk about Jojoba oil..👍
There's a fair few products that contain this magic oil; Holistic facial oil, Revital facial oil, no.5 body oil etc.
How many of you know the benefits of Jojoba oil?
Jojoba benefits👇
♥️ Moisturises skin
♥️ Removes make up safely
♥️ Prevents razor burn
♥️ Doesn't clog pores
♥️ Promotes healthy skin
♥️ Helps removes excess sebum
♥️ Helps balance oil levels
♥️ Heals cuts and wounds quickly
♥️ Fights acne causing bacteria
♥️ Soothes fine lines and wrinkles
♥️ Powerful anti-ageing properties
♥️ Promotes healthy hair
♥️ Eliminates dandruff
♥️ Helps reverse hair loss
♥️ Protects against skin cancer
♥️ Contains a high level of vitamin E
♥️ Helps thicken hair
♥️ Contains vitamin b complex
♥️ Fights free radicals and cell damage
♥️ Helps maintain hormone levels
♥️ Antifungal properties
♥️ Anti-inflammatory properties
How many benefits from the list are you promoting already? Are you promoting products with jojoba oil enough? Could you be promoting our jojoba oil products in more ways?