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Marketer Safelist

Want your special link..?


Yes, I have a special link for you.

I just got one for myself not too long ago, and
it's been doing wonders for my online business.

What is it?

Well, they call it the Viral Brand Builder link.

And it allows you to specially create your
branded profile that you can share accross
ALL the advertising networks.

Grab it here:
It's a new list builder that works a bit differently.

Sure, like normal list builders you can mail up
to 8500 people every 2 days.

But, it's got a social brand building twist, that
really allows you to build your business.

Check it out:
Its 100% free...

But they do have an upgrade option which is worth
checking out. By far the best value is their
one-time-offer which you can see after you
sign up.

It could be best investment you've made online.



World Team Builder

Take a look at this FREE World Team Builder, it's the World's 1st team building program that displays your potential income as you share the World Team Builder website.

The world team builder allows you to build your team first before you move them over to the full official opportunity. I'm checking my back office daily and the income are rising in real time.

Why not take a FREE spot and share it everyone you know and see how it works. Here is my link to sign up FREE

Free JV UPGRADE and A Big Bag Of FREE ADS For You

I warmly invite you to join Capital Solo Ads for FREE.

It has some great features eg: High Priority Solos
sent within 1 hour or less of set-up. And
Set-N-Forget ads which go out automatically


and the following
of 10 Solo Ads

If you want to in get ahead of the posse
And avail of the Super JV Upgrade for the
low low price of $9.99 Lifetime
(For the first 1000 members only)
Don’t wait. Don’t miss this chance.

Go over there now and get great
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Happy Advertising
Tina Pittman

*Just Launched* Free Advertising With a Twist


You have never seen Free Advertising like this.

*Just Launched!*

Hi [fname]

Phil Basten of JPE Advertising is amazing.

He just finished a brand new targeted advertising
site that will knock your socks off.

You gotta see this new site.

It's Called Target Ads Depot

We call it TAD, for short.

It has it all...

* Free Advertising for your targeted text ad
* Banner Ads, Exit Pops
* Commissions, commissions and more commissions
* Your ad rotates on a huge network of our sites
  and on JV partner sites
* Your ad stays in the number 1 postion on your
  affiliate link.
* Use our mailer to contact your downlines or
  the entire database
* We advertise for all members

And here's the Twist

When you join you will see a one time offer
to become a Pro Life Time Member of TAD.

When you become a pro member of TAD, you can
put your clickbank id in the members area and
it will automatically appear on your a…

Contact 90,000+ Lea'ds EVERY Month - Web Based Emailer

Direct Em.ail A.dvertising FROM OUR SERVERS without SP.AM Complaints & Download 3,000+ Dialy L.E.A.D.S.  Set and Forget Technology!

Fellow Marketer:

This is your direct em.ail marketing machine!

We provide your leads and you email from our servers. 


Thank you,
Tina Pittman

Best wishes with your marketing efforts.

Free-Ad Depot

Just launched! Free-Ad Depot. Free featured links, Free
Classy Style Ads, Multiple ways to earn money, Multiple
ways to earn ad and mailing credits, Email your downline
anytime you have the credits available, and more...